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Fixing the sony z7 tele lens

On a shoot, i realize that i can’t control the zoom level by remote.
I was able to switch to manual/remote, feel the motor or not, but nothing happen when i press zoom in or zoom out, both on the camera button or handle!
I had no idea if it was a sender (the camera) or receiver problem (the lens).

I bring back the camera to Sony and they said to me that the lens is dead, a new one is around rmb 7,000 (750 Euros)!
The repair guy did not touch the lens, just plug a new lens, test it, so affirm that i need a new one, without even opening mine!.

I was not prepare to pay for a new one so decide to take back the lens at the office and open it to see how it is, anyway, the lens is dead to them.


I start opening the motor panel as it was for me a dead motor.
And i notice a slight lift under the motor where the switch is. (See the red arrow)

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Classic scam email of the day

Today, I received this classic scam email, using the automatic submission form not protected by captcha.

Contact Form Submission from bob stewart
Nume: bob stewart
Comments: Hello,
I will like to know if you carry this item in stock or if you can
special order them for me.
Sony DVCAM PDVM-184N Non-Chip …………. 250 QTY
I will arrange for the pick up of the order from your location.
And also let me know which credit card type you accept between Visa/MC…
Will be expecting the quotation,so i can proceed with the payment details.

What is interesting is the way they targeting their potential victims with very specific products in theirs business range (here some video tape). It’s the 5th time in 10 years I received almost the same email and I’m writing this post just to let others knows about the scam, hoping people will google part of this mail to found this post.
Do not answer it as you may end receiving many new tentative. It will shows that your email is valid to them.
There are plenty of similar scam using other product, but the structure of the email is quite similar.

Do not answer, just fill a fishing report with your mail account to try to get his account removed as they are using a gmail account

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Unbreakable hdmi cable connector for 5D

Here is one idea to end the mini HDMI trouble you can have with the DSLR setup. for 5 usd max…

What i did.
I use the scotch tape used to send box by mail, usually a brown colored one.
I choose this for 3 main reasons:
-It’s not too sticky on plastics or metal

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Remote Start Stop for 5D or 7D

As the external shutter remote only control the shutter, the only way to remote the recording is to use a IR remote. But the IR need to be in front of the camera as the sensor is inside the camera hand-grip, not very convenient.

Here is a Canon RC6 IR remote working for both 5D and 7D (cost around rmb 390 but copies available for rmb 50)

You need to remove the front adhesive layer (there is 2 layers) with a cutter and gently remove the IC board. (Remove the battery before, of course). There is a small switch at the back to delay your remote order. Keep it in “no delay” position to avoid waiting time at each take. I remove the switch cap and use the empty hole for my remote wire.

The Shutter control

The remote is a cheap copy of the canon shutter release but any brand will do. In fact, any push button will do, so a bell push button is fine also

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External aperture control for eos lens

n order to keep my EOS EF / EF-S lenses on Sony NEX range camera (FS-100) i will use a regular adapter, and add the electrical control system coming from another EOS body.

Of Course, Cheap to buy, but i also bought some macro ring for Canon Lens, dismantle, cut it and add some wire, and use a old canon DSLR (350D) as a remote.
I spend 4 hour on this, so not too complicated to do, and it’s working perfectly!!!
Next step is to buy a broken body in order to put a switch on the “deep of field” button instead of pushing it, add a power supply with 12 V and some rig to attache all of it.

All the stuff to start, Kippon Adapter E-Mount to EOS (mecanical only), Extension tube for EOS, 350D EOS Body and test EF-S Lens.

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