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Hong Kong, March 2020

Hire Hong Kong videographer-cameraman !

Even under Covid-19 pandemic, it’s still simple to hire a Hong Kong videographer-cameraman with us. This project was filmed in March, with all health protections as described on our special Coronavirus guideline page. You can connect with us and get an immediate price offer on hiring our camera operator. Our shooting package includes everything you will need; from prep-production with your local contact until the video footage is uploaded and review on your side.
This client hired our videographer-cameraman in Hong Kong for the third time already. New customers are often becoming returning customers!

Subject today is gender parity at a renewable energy waste management company. This is typically the kind of project we love to work on.
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Who we are?

Our Video production company started in mainland China in 2003, but opened a second office in Hong Kong in 2010 to serve a larger audience. We have been providing large filming crew to simple one man band camera operator (videographer-cameraman) since then. Whatever the project, feel free to contact us and get our expertise. We love filming video and corporate environment is our playground. Doing interviews at your Hong Kong branch or enjoying some b-Roll of the sea; everything is important for us.
We offer the security of working with an established company but keeping the flexibility of hiring a freelancer.

All theses advantages are still coming at a cost effective package offer. Because what have many requests on hiring our videographer-cameraman in Hong Kong, we can get you a affordable offer; knowing perfectly what you will need from us.
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We do not subcontract and just taking a fees hoping to guarantee you quality; we are the one on the shooting day, filming for you.
Save time, save money, we actual get hired by these video agencies without any team except an accountant!

Why Hire a videographer-cameraman in Hong Kong?

As any city in the world; local knowledge is important even if your video interview is simply happening in an office. When hiring local resident videographer-cameraman, you remove many possible issues. From sudden change on the weather to transportation and personal attitude; Hong Kong have it’s own rules.
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Hong Kong is not just a amazing city, but also offer a large room for natural landscape. Hire our Hong Kong videographer-cameraman for a complete coverage of your business office there.

Videographer-cameraman in Hong Kong interview package.

For this project, we recorded video statements from the team leaders. Our shooter interview package fits this perfectly. It’s compose of a 4K 60p capable video camera paired with lens package to cover any possible framing. Our experimented cinematographer contacted the client prior to the filming day. This way, we ensure the room will be large enough to get great looking footage.
A preview monitor is part of the set to help setting it all alone.
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On top of the camera; we provide two super bright Lupo SuperPanel 1×1 LEDs that are able to fight the sun. As many offices have an amazing views on Hong Kong harbor, it could be nice to use it in the final video. These bi-color LED panels are the most powerful available in the market right now. We also include a spot light to get a perfect 3 points lighting setup.
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On the sound side, a lavalier microphone directly on the subject paired with a boom top microphone is feeding a Soundevice audio mixer. Our Hong Kong videographer-cameraman will be mixing on the flight while checking the frame and focus.

Back to our office, your footage will be simply uploaded at high speed to our enormous servers. We have an  6Tb of cloud hosting ready for any situation and reachable from anywhere in the world.

Advantages when hiring our Videographer-cameraman in Hong Kong.

It will take a bit more time to setup all with such one man band. Overall, it’s a great option for few interview during the day at an very effective cost.

All the gear have been crafted to fit a large suitcase. For example, we modified the Lupo LED power supply to get them on lightweight light stands. The power block is sitting on the floor instead of behind the panel with the use of a specific high intensity capable connection. It also allows the use of super large battery pack with no energy loss in the cable. Contact us if you would like to buy this from us.
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As we design drones also, we keep the same light saving best practice on each item and the SDI cable is the thinnest you can possibly buy! All these step come from our long experience shooting all over Asia.
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The panel light-box is also our in-house design as Lupo Superpanels are a bit larger than the standard 1×1. Feel free to visit the blog section of this website to see our last product modifications and DIY projects. If your project require something you think impossible; this is the one we want to work on!

Doing video is our passion! Hire our Videographer-cameraman in Hong Kong and stop worrying about your filming project there.
Booking available on very short notice.
We also have Hong Kong cameraman package with a prompter kit!