• Audio / Video technician for Zoom Podcast in Hong Kong

    Hire our Audio / Video technician for Zoom Podcast in Hong Kong.
    Get our Audio and Video technical support for your next Zoom Podcast in Hong Kong.
    2020 is the year of conference calls and Zoom is one of the most used platforms.
    It’s naturally that we adapted our video and Audio offer to fit new demands from…

  • Photo + Video + Drone = Hong Kong B-Roll/Stock footage, Aug. 2020

    Hong Kong photo video and drone B-Roll/Stock footage
    Just a few days before this project was handed over to the Hong Kong Government; I was asked to document the Lian Tang Boundary Control Point. It’s always a last minute request, the construction project needed to be completed but still under the contractor supervision. The assignment was…

  • Hire Hong Kong videographer-cameraman
    Hong Kong, March 2020

    Hire Hong Kong videographer-cameraman !
    Even under Covid-19 pandemic, it’s still simple to hire a Hong Kong videographer-cameraman with us. This project was filmed in March, with all health protections as described on our special Coronavirus guideline page. You can connect with us and get an immediate price offer on hiring our camera operator. Our shooting…